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Since 2011, Volunteer Uganda has run Research Internships for volunteers who have an interest in International Development.

The research projects provide high caliber undergraduates and PHD students the opportunity to carry out groundbreaking research in a unique setting.

In turn, Volunteer Uganda is able to generate useful data about the community to help drive all of our projects forward and also ensure that the volunteer projects we are running are having a positive impact.

This bespoke, continual assessment and data collection is very rarely carried out by volunteer organisations, giving Volunteer Uganda the edge.

76% of population in Kanungu District is 30 years and under(0-5 years: 18.7%, 6-17 years: 34%, 18-30 years: 22.7%, 31-59 years: 19.7%, 60+ years: 4.9%)

70% of people in Kanungu District are educated to primary level but not beyond.

Only 13% of the population in Kanungu District are educated at Secondary Level or beyond.

73% of the working population derive their main source of income from subsistence crop farming.

Facts about Uganda

Geography Uganda is a landlocked country in the East Africa. It shares borders with Kenya, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania.
Capital City Kampala
Official Languages English & Swahili
Independence Gained from the UK in 1962
Head of State Joweri Museveni (came into power in 1986)
Area 236,040 km
Population 36.6 million
Climate The climate is tropical
Currency Ugandan Shilling
Religions Christianity (84%) Islam (12%) Other (4%)
Life Expectancy 53 years
Infant Mortality 61 deaths per 1,000 births
Poverty 35% below the poverty line
Literacy Rate 66%


Number of people in household


Number of dependents per family


Number of living siblings per person


Number of non-living siblings per person


Research Internship

Research Uganda gives participants the chance to conduct ground breaking research to direct Volunteer Uganda's strategy in poverty alleviation and development.

Unique Opportunity

The internship offers participants a unique opportunity to take part in fist hand research on the ground which has a tangible impact on thousands of peoples lives.






Research Leader

After volunteering on the 2012 Research Uganda project, Luca has teamed up with Rebekah to run all VU's International Research projects in 2013 and 2014.


Research Leader

Rebekah works alongside Luca leading all VU's International Research projects. Their work from 2013 will hopefully be published soon.

Research Paper Downloads

Volunteer Uganda Initial Needs Assessment Report

Bwindi Community Hospital Household Survey 2009

Counting and Multi-dimensional Poverty Report

Uganda Participatory Poverty Assessment Report

 Kanungu District Socio-Economic Report

Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index Country Briefing


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Research Uganda Internship

March 2014 for 4 weeks

Start: 20/03/14

End: 17/04/14

Now: £1,050

Was: £1,150


Research Uganda Internship

June 2014 for 6 weeks

Start: 11/06/14

End: 22/07/14

Now: £1,300

Was: £1,400


Research Uganda Internship

August 2014 for 4 weeks

Start: 30/08/14

End: 28/09/14

Now: £1,050

Was: £1,150