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Roots in Uganda

For over 20 years, Volunteer Uganda has worked closely with a local Ugandan charity called CHIFCOD to help build and run four primary schools, a secondary school and a college.

Worldwide Support

Thanks to donations and sponsors from all over the world, Volunteer Uganda has been able to work closely with CHIFCOD to build an organised network in the community.


Primary Education

Learn about our flagship school and find out how you can help make a difference to a child's education in Uganda.

Secondary Education

Find out more about the secondary school Volunteer Uganda has helped to build & see how you can get involved.

Higher Education

Discover more about the college Volunteer Uganda and CHIFCOD have built and find out how you can help. 



Volunteer Uganda believes education is the best way for a community to rise out of poverty.

As a result, Volunteer Uganda believes every child should have access to a proper education. 

With support from sponsors, donors and volunteers, Volunteer Uganda believes it can make a difference.


Volunteer Uganda is partnered with a group of charities, all dedicated to bringing about sustainable development to a community through education development.

Thanks to the continued support of these charities, Volunteer Uganda is able to provide educational opportunity for some of the poorest children and young people in the world.


Volunteer Uganda supports four primary schools, a secondary school and a college. The Primary School and Secondary school receives sponsorship money to pay for students school fees and receive donations for development projects. The college receives donations to help pay for building projects and educational resources.