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Roots in Uganda

For over 20 years, Volunteer Uganda has supported the work of CHIFCOD, a non-profit making organisation based in Uganda with the goal of transforming the local community through education and poverty eradication.

Worldwide Support

Thanks to donations and sponsors from all over the world, Volunteer Uganda has helped CHIFCOD to found 4 primary schools, a secondary school and a college.


Primary Education

CHIFCOD's flagship primary school enrolls over 300 students a year and is ranked in the top 3 in the district.


Secondary Education

Great Lakes High School enrolls over 280 students a year and is ranked in the top 10% nationally.


Higher Education

Great Lakes Regional College enrolls over 200 students and is hoping to become Uganda's first rural University.



Where your money goes


  • 100% of your donation and sponsorship money is spent in the Kanungu district of rural southwest Uganda. 


  • Our supporters and volunteers subsidise the school fees of over 300 students a year in schools across Kanungu.


  • Thanks to your donations, over 1700 students each year are enrolled at the CHIFCOD schools and college.


Find out more about Kanungu district and the challenges people face on a daily basis.



What is CHIFCOD?


Community Based

CHIFCOD is run completely by local people. Dr. Hamlet Kabushenga, the Founding Director is from Kanungu.



Empowering People

CHIFCOD is alleviating poverty in the community through the provision of high quality, affordable education.




Quality Education

Volunteer Uganda has supported CHIFCOD to improve the standard of teaching across its schools by delivering Limited Resource Teacher Training to over 1000 teachers. 

Affordable Education

Donations from the UK and worldwide have make it possible for CHIFCOD to run 4 primary schools, a secondary school and a college and ongoing sponsorship makes it easier for families to pay for their children to attend school.


Health Promotion

Volunteer Uganda has supported the community initiatives that CHIFCOD have introduced to help educate the local peple about HIV/AIDS and Malaria. 

Micro Finance

It's CHIFCOD's mission to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses, giving them every chance of success. The college has its own workshop which produces furniture and the High School grows and sells its own range of Coffee. 



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