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Research Uganda Internship


Poverty Alleviation

Research Uganda gives participants the chance to conduct ground breaking research to direct Volunteer Uganda's strategy in poverty alleviation and development.

Unique Opportunity

The internship offers participants a unique opportunity to take part in first hand research on the ground, which has the potential to tangibly impact the lives of many in local communities.


Research Uganda Vision

Conducting ground breaking research in rural south west Uganda, generating knowledge and building an extensive portfolio of data and information in a largely understudied area to support communities to rise out of poverty.

Pioneering a Multidimensional Poverty Index, a district-level assessment of households highlighted areas of need and served to inform three principle areas of investigation for focus studies, employing a range of research methods.

We are then harnessing that information as evidence to both further investigate proven areas of need and to monitor long-term change more generally. 

The Research Internship

The Research Internship combines academic and applied empirical research methods to investigate local levels of multidimensional poverty.

We are pioneering an initiative that establishes the foundations for mapping the holistic assessment of needs across the Kanungu District through collecting geo-located quantitative and qualitative household and community level data. 

The focus lies upon working with local expertise and community members to identify and digitally map key areas of deprivation and to track changes in standards of living over time.

Bwindi Region, South West Uganda

Find out more about the region in which we conduct our research and learn about the community you'll be based in in Uganda.

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Where we work

Rural context

Kanungu is a relatively undiscovered and understudied region that holds vast potential for multidisciplinary exploration of rural, development-related subjects.

Community Impact

Researchers have a rare opportunity to investigate real and pressing issues that impact the lives of thousands of people, generating new, first-hand knowledge and potentially effecting change on a significant scale.

Beautiful Scenery

Uganda is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries to travel. Kanungu district sits on the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable forest, is less than an hours drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park and close to other tourist attractions such as Lake Bunyonyi and Kabale.

The Internship


Phase 1

Orientation & Planning

Phase 2

Data Collection

Phase 3

Analysis & Presentation

Participants receive relevant training to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to conduct the research specific to the Bwindi region.

The group is introduced to the range of ongoing Volunteer Uganda projects and receive a local language lesson.

Volunteers will have the chance to experience Uganda's vibrant capital city, Kampala.

The group will also take a trip to Jinja for a full day of white water rafting and a bungee jumping on the river Nile.

In the second phase of the programme, volunteers will focus on actually conducting their research.

Research Uganda has been using a household survey designed to measure the multidimensional aspects of poverty and to identify needs within the community.

We are now building upon our findings to design more focussed research projects that further investigate specific areas of interest.

Our deep roots in the community allow the Research Uganda team to conduct valuable research with the help of all community members.

The programme concludes with the team analysing data, identifying key findings and creating presentations and/or reports.

These presentations and then presented to the trustees of the Volunteer Uganda Trust and relevant parties and stakeholders.

The findings, conclusions and recommendations will all aid in informing Volunteer Uganda's diversification and broader approaches to maximising impact.

The programme concludes with a 3 day safari weekend at Queen Elizabeth National Park.



Research Uganda Published Papers


Initial Needs Assessment Report Autumn 2013

Malaria Report First Case Study March 2014

Water Report First Case Study June 2014

Agriculture Report First Case Study (coming soon)



Partnerships in Uganda

In order to carry out effective research in the community, we rely on the support and partnership of the local college, Great Lakes Regional College. 

As part of the relationship between Research Uganda and the college, you will work alongside a number of students, getting the opportunity to share life experience and learning.

The Research Internship

The video gives a useful overview of 'who' the research internship will benefit most and 'what' it is you're likely to gain from taking part in the internship in Uganda.

It also includes insights and stories from some of the interns from the 2012 projects, many of whom have stayed involved with Research Uganda in 2013 and 2014.

Great Lakes Regional College

Great Lakes Regional College is one of 6 education institutions that Volunteer Uganda has supported through CHIFCOD. 

The Volunteer Experience

Find out what's involved when you take part in a Volunteer Uganda programme from accommodation to adventure.



What's Included?

Volunteer Uganda combines high-impact volunteering with invaluable and unforgettable experiences that can't be found elsewhere. To strike the balance between impact time and wider adventure there are opportunities to go on Safari, White Water Rafting, Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tracking as well as a guaranteed fantastic social life! The cost includes:


What's Included?

See where your money goes

All transport in Uganda

Accommodation & most meals

Experienced in-country staff

Lectures, training and mentoring

Use of Google Nexus for geo-located data collection

Internet, sim-card & polo shirt


Who can Apply?

The Research Uganda programme is only offered to applicants interested in certain fields. We welcome applications from those looking to enter into research, development, policy, academia/education, for-profit, non-profit and politics. Applicants will be considered from backgrounds in a range of degree programmes, both students & graduates.

Who can Apply?

Applicants must:

Be graduate or undergraduate

Have an interest in the charity and development sector

Have an interest in public policy, politics and education.

Be 18+ years old (on departure)

Be medically fit to travel

Speak good English


What will you gain?

The Internship grants participants an opportunity to expand their research skills and fieldwork experience while gaining a unique insight into issues surrounding on-the-ground development in a sub-saharan African context. Volunteers will truly experience Africa at its most inspiring and provoking. It's a chance for volunteers to apply their leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills whilst contributing towards a long-lasting impact in one of the poorest parts of the world.

What you will gain

By completing the project:

Expand research skills

Insight into community-level development in Africa

Experience real Africa and go on six amazing excursions

Have a tangible impact

Share the whole experience with an amazing group of people.

Develop and enhance your existing skill set



Adventure and Wildlife



The package includes

White Water Rafting

Nile High Bungee Jump

Lake Bunyonyi Weekend

Big Game Safari Weekend

Chimpanzee tracking

Cost: £695


The package includes

Big Game Safari Weekend

White Water Rafting

Lake Bunyonyi Weekend

Cost: £495



Big Game Safari - £330

Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda's number one Safari location. You'll get to see elephants, lions, hippos, buffalo and much more.

White Water Rafting - £120

On arriving in Uganda, you will have the opportunity to experience the thrills of white water rafting down rapids from grade 1-5 on the Mighty White Nile.

Lake Bunyonyi - £100

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most popular excursions among volunteers. Enjoy a whole weekend relaxing, canoeing and partying at one of Uganda's hidden gems.

Chimp Tracking - £120

Uganda is famous for its chimpanzees. It's one of the only places in the world where our closest relatives can be observed in the wild.

Bungee Jump - £110

As well as white water rafting, volunteers will also be given the opportunity to brave Uganda's only bungee jump, directly over the River Nile!

Gorilla Tracking - £500

With over half of the 700 gorillas left in the wild living on our doorstep in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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