About Volunteer Uganda

About Volunteer Uganda


Volunteer Uganda is a UK-based organisation with deep roots in Uganda, working closely with the local charity, CHIFCOD, which runs many of the schools and projects where volunteers work. The programmes Volunteer Uganda run in the Bwindi Region are dedicated to delivering sustainable improvement in the education of children and students in Uganda.

The Team

The Volunteer Uganda team is comprised of individuals who are committed to sustainable development in Uganda
and have made the successes to date possible.


Simon Graffy

Simon, a Teach First Ambassador has been a driving force behind VU's growth since 2009. Leading UK recruitment and marketing, Simon has developed partnerships with Teach First, Arsenal and most recently, LRTT.

Tom Lewis

Having spent a year in Uganda as a Programme Leader for VU, Tom returned to the UK where he spent 3 years managing central operations. During this time, he played a key role in setting up LRTT: Limited Resource Teacher Training. 

Andy Groark

Andy, a teacher in the UK, Uganda and Shanghai has been instrumental in developing Volunteer Uganda's teacher training, both for volunteers and local teachers by creating LRTT Online and LRTT Session Guides & Training plans.

Tom Greenwood

Tom first became involved in Volunteer Uganda and LRTT in 2012 and has since taught in the UK, Uganda, Nepal, India & Guyana. Tom brings a wealth of experience in International teaching to Volunteer Uganda's operations in country.


John Rutherford 

With over thirty-five years experience as a chartered accountant, John is dedicated to stimulating growth and diversification in Bwindi's economy, supporting business start-ups in the local community and worked with the other founders to create Volunteer Uganda.

Mark Rogers

Involved with Volunteer Uganda's charities for over a decade, Mark has played a key role in the organisations' development. Together with his wife Karen, he has coordinated much of our work with our Ugandan NGO partners, CHIFCOD.

Paul Huckstep

Paul oversees all VU projects and provides great support for volunteers and staff. Drawing on his own volunteering experiences, Paul ensures that volunteers are able to get the best out of VU, and vice versa.

Management Team


Sarah, a former LRTT fellow and Project Leader, is Volunteer Uganda's newest recruit who is responsible for strategic development in Uganda and across all LRTT projects.

Sam & Pete

Sam & Pete are a couple who live in Uganda and work for Volunteer Uganda as in-country development manager and in-country technical manager.


Priscilla manages the Volunteer Uganda lodge where all our volunteers stay during their trip. She is often referred to by volunteers as "their Ugandan mum!"

Leadership Team


After volunteering in the summer of 2014, Heather returned to the UK to develop her experience as a Primary School teacher before joining the team as a programme leader in Uganda.


Charlie is civil servant working for VU and LRTT until Sept 2016. Having taught in Madrid and worked on government projects he is a real asset to VU in the UK and in Uganda.

Education Team


Frank has taught at several of our schools. He is an experienced teacher and mentor and keen athlete with a passion for football.


Gloria has taught at several of our schools. She is an experienced teacher and mentor and recently became a mum for the first time!

Lodge Team


Dennis is our head chef and will keep you well-fed with tasty meals. He caters for the various dietary needs and does a cracking barbecue. He is also the founder of the funny family.


Naris works alongside Dennis and Mackie in the kitchen. He's an experienced chef specialising in spices and marinades.


Affectionately known as 'mzee', John maintains the compound, grows crops and looks after all the animals at the lodge and is our general handy man, along with his right hand man, Justus.


Justus works alongside Mzee John supporting him with work around the Lodge. Justus is a skilled gardener and is experienced in growing crop.

Thanks to our trustees

The Volunteer Uganda trustees are a huge part of Volunteer Uganda and the work that we do with CHIFCOD and local schools. Without their efforts and support, our successes would not have been possible

Kirima Ltd Trustees

  • Jonathan Trigg
  • Nigel Little
  • Dr Karen Sennett
  • Julia Challender
  • Dr John Lewis
  • Gill Hallgate
  • Adrian Parker

Inspiring Futures Trustees

  • Graeme Littlejon
  • Ben Cheyney
  • Mark Francis
  • Alice Withington
  • Sarah Morton

Need to Ask Us Something Else?

If you have any questions that you can't find in our FAQs section or you simply wish to find out a bit more info, get in touch with us via phone, by enquiring online or even via social media!

Call us On: 020 7183 5187