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Volunteer Uganda supports Kirima and Nyakabungo primary schools in Uganda. CHIFCOD also runs Nyamirama Primary Schools which are funded by our partner charities in USA and Germany.

The schools we support promote a holistic approach to education place a strong emphasis on community as well as academic performance.

Your support makes it possible for thousands of children to join a Volunteer Uganda primary school and begin an otherwise impossible journey towards achieving their aspirations, realising their potential and leading fulfilled lives.

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Great Lakes High School is Volunteer Uganda's first secondary school. The school combines academia with an emphasis on science and agricultural projects to give students a practical and contextually relevant education.

While the school demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by growing coffee and other crops, it's your sponsorships and donations that allow Great Lakes High School to give so many children from such deprived backgrounds a strong foundation for success in adult life.

The school has grown rapidly in only 5 years and currently enrols over 280 students, girls and boys, on a permanent full-board basis.

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Great Lakes Regional University recently became Uganda's first rural University. It's thanks to your continued support and donations that Volunteer Uganda is able to work in partnership with the University to make higher education accessible to a population who previously have never been able to afford it.

By offering a carefully selected range of contextually relevant diploma and degree level courses the University enables its students to graduate ready to contribute to development across the region.

Great Lakes runs large in-service teacher training, facilitates international research projects and subsidises its own operations through income generating activities.

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