Great Lakes High School

Change the life of a child for just £15


Great Lakes High School is Volunteer Uganda's first secondary school. The school combines academia with an emphasis on science and agricultural projects to give students a practical and contextually relevant education.

While the school demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by growing coffee and other crops, it's your sponsorships and donations that allow Great Lakes High School to give so many children from such deprived backgrounds a strong foundation for success in adult life.

The school has grown rapidly in only 5 years and currently enrols over 280 students, girls and boys, on a permanent full-board basis.

Our Key Supporters

Highgate School, London

Hull Collegiate School

Felsted School

Hartford School

Rotary Clubs

Onesmus' Story

I am called Biryabaho Onesmus and I am a male Ugandan aged 15 years in Great Lakes High School, Katete, Kanungu, Uganda. I joined Great Lakes High School in 2010 in S.1 and me and the rest that have joined this year say that it's good and comfortable.

The most amazing and colourful thing I found in Great Lakes is that I found the sponsors who have sponsored me since I joined this school. And I say may the Lord bless you forever. Great Lakes High School is wonderful, colorful and courageous where it improves in academics, sports, behavior and many others every year.

Due to the above, the neighboring people say Great Lakes High School is the best and whenever I move out of school people ask me if I am a student of Great Lakes High School. Oh how beloved it is to be in such a school.

My hope is if there was an A-Level at Great Lakes High School, I would stay there and join Great Lakes Regional College after Senior S.6. Oh, Good luck to Great Lakes High School my School.

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