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Volunteer Uganda supports Kirima and Nyakabungo primary schools in Uganda. CHIFCOD also runs Nyamirama Primary Schools which are funded by our partner charities in USA and Germany.

The schools we support promote a holistic approach to education place a strong emphasis on community as well as academic performance.

Your support makes it possible for thousands of children to join a Volunteer Uganda primary school and begin an otherwise impossible journey towards achieving their aspirations, realising their potential and leading fulfilled lives.

Our Key Supporters

Carr Lane P.School

St. Michael's Primary School, Highgate

St. Michael's Church

Emmanuel Church Guildford

Ambrose's Story

Ambrose is an ex-pupil of Kirima Parents’ Primary School and returned to the school to teach English, and Social Studies. He joined the school in Primary 3 and had many of his lessons outside in the shade of a tree.

Ambrose describes these early pupils at Kirima Parents’ Primary School as ‘pioneers.’ Ambrose returned to teach at Kirima Parents’ Primary School in 2009 after he had gained his primary Teaching Qualification.

He was clearly popular with the pupils and was passionate about his work which he says was ‘fantastic’. Ambrose says working conditions were good and he enjoyed being able to relate to the community.

Ambrose describes the background of the pupils at Kirima Parents’ Primary School as one of poverty compounded by poor diet and sickness. The school invests heavily in children’s health and wellbeing – they are taught how to avoid malaria and HIV and eat well with two or three meals each day, depending on whether they are boarders or day pupils. Many local families will only eat once a day and rarely have meat. Ambrose studied for a Diploma at Great Lakes Regional College (GLRC) and was grateful for the time off at weekends for studying.

In addition to his teaching and professional development Ambrose worked closely with Volunteer Uganda Ltd in mentoring volunteers and promoting LRTT. After several years’ gaining experience in the CHIFCOD way of working Ambrose was promoted in 2014 as Headteacher at Nyakabungo Parents’ Primary School – a day school of over 300 pupils in a nearby village.

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