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Mutually empowering leadership development

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 Upcoming Dates

4 Weeks:  12th Sep '19, 10th Oct '19, 11th Nov '19, 29th Jan '20, 26th Feb '20, 25th Mar '20, 2nd Jun '20, 2nd Jul '20, 29 Jul '20

6 Weeks:  12th Sep '19, 24th Oct '19, 29th Jan '20, 11th Mar '20

12 Weeks:  12th Sep '19, 29th Jan '20


Teachers in Uganda often teach classes of 40-50 children with little more than a textbook, a blackboard, and a piece of chalk. Engaging classes of this size is a huge challenge and too often, children are left behind and on course to leave school unable to read or do basic maths. There is a desperate need for innovative ways to improve learning in schools in Uganda.


The primary goal of our program in Uganda is to get every child in school learning. We believe that the quality of teaching is the single most important factor influencing learning in schools. Our volunteers support Ugandan teachers in their classrooms and provide learning intervention programs that help make sure every child is making progress. In the afternoons they contribute to soft skills development through after-school activities.

Program Overview

Understanding the context

In the first week, you will take part in a series of introductory training workshops to build an understanding of the local culture, the local language, and importantly, the educational context. Our team of Ugandan Education Coordinators will also introduce you to some key principles of effective teaching and practical classroom strategies to support learning. You’ll be trained in our literacy and numeracy interventions and you’ll observe the teacher you're partnered with.

Time in schools

Once paired with a teacher from one of our partner schools you will spend time in school, building rapport with both your partner teacher and their students. Through classroom support, lunchtime activities and after-school clubs you will be able to support learning and practice a range of classroom strategies. Your role is to help make sure every child is learning.

Preparation for Teaching

Following the teacher training workshops and lesson observations, you will be ready to co-plan a series of lessons with your partner teacher. You'll have the chance to practice your lessons with your fellow volunteers before co-teaching your lessons with your partner teacher in school. This safe and supportive environment is perfect for your first ever lesson.

Learning and experiencing Uganda

After each week in school you will spend time reflecting on how things went with your partner teacher and your VU mentor. This reflective process has been designed to identify your key strengths and areas for growth, as well as helping your partner teacher to develop their own practice as an educator and a mentor. On the weekends you’ll have the opportunity to go on adventures including Safari, Gorilla Tracking and White Water Rafting on the Nile.

What Our Volunteers Say...



This was, by far, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I had a great relationships with my partner teacher and all of the staff at the school. The Team Leaders were very responsive and supportive.



The lodge was an incredible place to stay, I enjoyed my time there and really didn't want to leave! The location overlooking Bwindi rainforest is stunning and the local staff and teachers were so kind and very enthusiastic.



I definitely feel more confident about teaching. My confidence developed through the training sessions, I learnt new strategies through collaboration with other teachers and after the observations of teaching I knew exactly what strategies I needed to focus on.



The experience was amazing. It was great to be able to immerse myself in a completely different culture and see how schools operate in a totally different context to what we are used to. Visiting somewhere so rural meant that we really experienced Uganda properly.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A little cliché I know, but it really was life-changing! I'm definitely going to stay involved in supporting its charities.

About Your Stay

  • Orientation+

    Our central team is here to support you with everything you need in the lead up to your trip. On arrival into Uganda you'll be met by our in-country team who will introduce you to our team, give the group a full induction, including a local language lesson and tour of the surrounding area.

  • Accommodation+

    Our purpose-built lodge is a perfect home away from home. Facilities include toilets and showers, 24/7 electricity, and a large common area with pool table, campfire, bar, garden and volleyball net. Dorms are single-sex and range from 6-12 beds. All beds come with mosquito nets.

  • Transport+

    Our team of experienced drivers are with you every step of the way. Our head driver, Moses, is trusted to ensure safe travel at all times throughout the program. Our open-top safari vehicles are perfect during the weekend excursions. All airport pick-ups and drop-offs are included.

  • Food & Drink+

    For the most part, all meals are prepared by our amazing chef, Naris. Fresh breakfast is served every morning and lunches are taken either from school or the lodge. Tea and coffee is served every afternoon before evening meal is served. We cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.

  • Safety+

    Our team in Uganda takes all necessary precautions to ensure you're safe throughout your stay. Volunteers are each provided with lockers and we have a safe to lock up passports and other valuables. The lodge has a large perimeter fence. Overnight security is provided on a nightly basis.

Experience Uganda

Safari Weekend

African experience

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Lake Bunyonyi

Beautiful location

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White Water Rafting

Wild Adventure

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Gorilla Tracking

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Chimp Tracking

An epic setting

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