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Our Charities

Deeply Rooted in Uganda

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Dedicated to improving the quality of education in Kanungu

We're committed to empowering communities in the Kanungu District of southwest Uganda. Through our work with our partner charity in Uganda, CHIFCOD, and Great Lakes University, all our programmes are co-designed to improve the quality of education in Kanungu in a responsible, sustainable, and locally-empowering way.

Our charities are supporting education at all levels

Our partner charities support the running of four primary schools in Kanungu, Uganda. All partner schools promote a holistic approach to education and place a strong emphasis on community as well as academic performance. Our programs support the development of both the teachers and students across these four primary schools, and many more in the district.

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Great Lakes High School is a secondary school in Kanungu supported by our partner charities in the UK and in Uganda. The school combines academia with an emphasis on science and agricultural projects to give students a practical and contextually relevant education. The school enrols over 300 students on a permanent full-board basis.

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Great Lakes Regional University (GLRU) recently became Uganda's first rural University. With over 200 students enrolled and a wide offering of technical diplomas and degrees the university is fast becoming the centre of higher education in the southwest region of Uganda.

How our charities are transforming communities in Uganda

  • Quality Education+

    CHIFCOD is dedicated to providing high-quality holistic education in its schools. Our programs are designed to support the development of teachers and students.

  • Access to Education+

    Ongoing support from donors around the world makes it possible for CHIFCOD to subsidise the cost of school and college for hundreds of families who would otherwise be unable to send their children to school.

  • Health Promotion+

    CHIFCOD supports many community initiatives to help educate students about sexual health, malaria, and other infectious diseases. An emphasis on in-school medical care and support has also helped increase attendance.

  • Micro-Finance+

    CHIFCOD supports local entrepreneurs and small businesses, giving them every chance of success. The University has its own workshop which produces furniture and the High School grows and sells its own range of coffee.

Sponsorship & Donation

Thanks to sponsorships and donations from our supporters, through its charities, Volunteer Uganda has raised over £1.5 million in support of education development in the Kanungu region of southwest Uganda. Please email us for more information about how to make a donation or set up student sponsorship.

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