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How do we do this?

Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT)


Pedagogy Driven

The LRTT course introduces learners to the key practical teaching methods needed to teach an effective and engaging lesson.

Contextually Relevant

The LRTT course was created in Uganda by qualified teachers, designed specifically to train people how to teach in a Uganda.

Learner Centered

The course is centered around the learners. To get the best out of your students it is important to build the lesson around the learners.


Course Summary



Learn the importance of the making work relevant to students via contextualisation and learn how to engage students using varied learning styles.


Group Work

Learn how to use group work as a method to assist students in their learning and develop students to team-working and communication skills.



Learn how to create an effective classroom environment and understand how to meet individual needs of students and lead them in their learning.



Learn how to assess the learning of your students. It is important to find out how much of the content taught has been properly understood by the learners.



Learn how select appropriate questions for the situation to check progress, challenge high performance and generate topics and debates in the classroom.



Understand the importance of effective feedback and learn how and why success criteria is used. Learn effective techniques for marking and feedback.



Learn how cater for the individual needs of students in the classroom by creating different tasks for fast & slow learners to enable progress of all students.



Takeaways gives teachers the chance to practice fun and engaging learning activities that can be adapted to most classroom situations.


We've got your back

Every step of the way


VU Staff

Our Education team in Uganda team is made up of qualified Ugandan teachers and British project leaders who are there to support you every step of the way.


School Mentors

Every school provides a mentor who is responsible for making you feel welcome in the school, helping you with your classes and supporting you in school.


Peer to Peer

You're never on your own. You'll be placed in a school with a 2 or 3 other volunteers who will be there to lend a helping hand in your lessons and be a familiar face.

More than just teaching

Open up a range of opportunities

Develop Leadership

Your role as a teacher will help to develop your leadership skills helping you in your later life and professional careers.

A New Culture

Immersing yourself into life in rural Uganda is a unique experience allowing you to see and be a part of a totally different way of life.

Amazing Wildlife

Volunteers have the opportunity to go on 6 unbelievable adventure & wildlife excursions including a weekend safari and gorilla tracking.

New Friends

We recruit worldwide and have had volunteers from the UK, USA, Australia, all parts of Europe, and Asia and Africa.

Build Confidence

Being immersed in a completely new culture with new people and taking yourself out of your comfort zone helps you to build confidence.

Development in Action

See how it all works. Many of our volunteers have gone on to have careers in the charity and international development sector.

Push yourself

We challenge volunteers to learn new things and to push themselves to make the most of such a unique experience in personal growth and development.

New Appreciation

Seeing another way of life helps you to put things into perspective and helps you to gain a new appreciation for the how lucky you are.

Be part of a Family

From day one, we promote a sense of family amongst everyone involved. The culture at the lodge really is special- you won't want to leave!

Need to Ask Us Something Else?

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